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The eating-out culture has gained tremendous momentum over the years. People have become very adventurous in their food choices and experiment with different cuisine styles from across the world. While this in itself is not at all a bad thing, what too much of extraneous influences do is that they overshadow local identity. The decor of this restaurant was inspired by this thought. A contemporary styling manages to interest patrons more; and is necessary to draw them to the F&B outlet over and over again. As a result, rural materials and objects are seen woven into the contemporary fabric.




In a restaurant the sensory perceptions of the space dominates the level of appeal. With simplicity as the primary guiding factor, an earthy look was chosen and splashes of bold colors were introduced through various elements such as traditional local artifacts, displays and merchandise. A cleverly designed lighting pattern enhances the divine experience generated through organic components like wood and stones. The overall experience though quite emotive, showcases Indian regional culture and philosophy ingeniously, without compromising on the functional and visual factors.


DURATION: May 2013 - September 2013

LOCATION: Seasons Mall, Magarpatta, Pune.

TYPE: Restaurant & Bar




Restaurant decor is a highly challenging area of design. The aesthetics chosen need to appeal to the patrons and stay fresh and interesting over time. As designers, we try to add value by sharing the benefits of our experience and expertise with the client. The decor was based on the concept of creating a sense of nostalgia in the local patrons’ minds subtly; without letting the cultural overtones overpower the space. Hence the base for the styling was chosen to be contemporary; with certain elements lending the nostalgic touches, to create an overall delightful dining experience.



Seasons Mall, Magarpatta, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


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