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DURATION: August 2009-December 2009

LOCATION: Aditya Shagun Mall, Bavdhan, Pune

TYPE: Restaurant & Bar




Trikaya; means three forms of Buddha. The space is divided into three main functions: fine dining, lounge and banquet areas. Concept being Pan Asian, Adopting South East Architecture focusing more on getting close to nature and natural elements is the key criteria in designing. The landscape outside to flow inside and enclosed spaces to merge outside, Creating smooth transition of open and enclosed spaces.




Simplicity is the key for this elegant decor. It plays with an earthy look with contemporary styling while a dash of bold colors act as a dressing. Natural Elements - wood, stones, planters and the engaging play of light and shadow enliven the Divine experience while you flow from one section to another. It portrays the Oriental philosophy of The Absolute, Timeless Communication and The Real World combined together quite ingeniously offering a functional yet emotional and visual delight as well.



The positioning of the existing services imposed division of spaces, which were difficult to merge with the flow in totality. Smooth transition of spaces, letting the landscape to flow inside while an enclosed space to merge with outside nature without compromising on the functionality was the challenge. Lush green hills around the site were an added advantage. Contemporary styling as a base, we decided to add glimpses of South Eastern elements to arrive at the final solution.



3rd Floor, Aditya Shagun Mall, Pashan Road, Bavdhan, Pune


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