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The client wanted this establishment to open its doors for its discerning patrons to experience exquisite contemporary interiors that are inspired by natural materials and their marvelous manifestations. So we decided to work on the concept of Elegant Simplicity for this lounge. Creating an unforgettable experience through fusion of Rustic Natural Materials, straight lines in design without compromising on the ethos of the space was the key result area while going to the drawing board.




Entry to the Lounge is a unique experience. With Slate cladding on one side, illuminated wooden steps lead to the mysterious walkway on top. Clad in Black Mirror, backlit glass flooring makes you part of MJ Billie Jean video as the flooring comes to life with every step taken. Repetition of lights in vertical and overhead slits add mystery to the area, while the criss crossing lasers in the middle of the walkway enhance the mysterious air and create the illusion of infinite space.


DURATION: September 2011-December 2012

LOCATION: Rahatani Road, Aundh Annex Pune, Maharashtra 411017

TYPE: Lounge Bar.



Positioning of the existing services and restrictions on entry and exit points imposed division of spaces that were difficult to merge with the flow in totality. Segregation of Guest entry to dining area and the lounge at entry point imposed the creation of a narrow walk way. But the biggest challenge was maintaining the right mood as one enters the different areas of dining or the lounge, without compromising on the functionality. This led to experimenting with materials and lighting.



Rahatani Road, Aundh Annex Pune, Maharashtra 411017


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