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Adda in local Indian language is referred to a meeting place or a hangout joint. A place where friends and like minded people meet, chill out, discuss and evolve. A place where conversations flow, debates are encouraged, and food and drink is always a part of the rigmarole. Creating such an interactive space where start-ups meet angel investors, entrepreneurs meet photographers, writers meet web developers and creative minds meet to bounce ideas off like minded peers was the main focus.




Adda is a collaborative cafe, workspace and bar all rolled into one. It acts as a co working space, a meeting place as well as a hang out joint. It is a combination of retro elements with a contemporary blend. Antique display with a library of old comic books and a black board gives it a nostalgic touch. Palette of Pastel colours and eclectic furniture adds freshness to the premises. Natural light penetrating through colourful windowpanes creates different mood at different times of the day.


DURATION: October 2015-December 2015

LOCATION: Shop 1, Rainbow Plaza, Near Shivar Garden, Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

TYPE: Multifunctional Cafe




Restaurant decor is a highly challenging area of design. The aesthetics chosen need to appeal to the patrons and stay fresh and interesting over time. Creating a collaborative cafe that will adapt to different needs of patrons of all age groups was the most challenging part of the design. Engaging the clients with various activities and taking them back to school days was fun and led the designers to explore alternative ways of design. Retro elements in contemporary style added the nostalgia


Shop 1, Rainbow Plaza, Near Shivar Garden, Pimple Saudagar, Pune.


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